Charleston County breaking ground on new road for future recycling center

Charleston County breaking ground on new road for future recycling center

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County is paving the way for a new recycling center in North Charleston with a $15 million project that started Tuesday with a ground breaking for a new road, which will lead to the facility.

Charleston County Council's approach to recyclable waste shifted in 2008 when the council decided not to renew a contract with the garbage incinerator.

"We decided there were better ways to proceed for Charleston County citizens that would be better financially as well as environmentally beneficial," Colleen Condon said. Condon serves as chair of the Environmental Management Committee.

Since then, the county's enhanced recycling plan has been serving more than 115,000 residents with the recycling roll-out bins. Tuesday's ceremony marked the next step for the county. The new road off Palmetto Commerce Parkway will allow access to the projected 60,000 square foot materials recovery facility, which should be completed in late 2016.

"We've been using our old facility on Romney street which has been struggling and is very outdated," Condon said.

Condon said that the new MRF will allow county recycling to expand to businesses as well as apartments. The facility will also allow for potential partnerships with commercial vendors who provide recycling services as well as other counties, according to Condon.

As of August this year, Charleston County sends its recyclables to Horry County Solid Waste Authority for processing.  The County stopped using the facility on Romney Street for recycling in July but kept it for a transfer center.  Condon says the Horry County deal is a savings of more than $80,000 over the old contract price last year the county was paying.

Condon said the new MRF on Palmetto Commerce Parkway will use the latest technology for Styrofoam and glass that the old facility was unable to process.

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