Mayoral hopeful Tecklenburg staying positive ahead of Tuesday's runoff election

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston mayoral hopeful John Tecklenburg said Wednesday he's ready for next week's runoff election against challenger Leon Stavrinakis.

"I was in the lead last week and hope to be again this coming Tuesday," he said.

Tecklenburg says his focus hasn't changed.

"Staying positive, talking about quality of life issues that impact our citizens, the City of Charleston and our future," Tecklenburg said.

The candidate says there are several issues to tackle.

"Downtown, tourism management is a real concern," he said. "West Ashley, I believe we need some serious, strategic economic development in building our economy."

Tecklenburg also wants to do something about the city's ever growing traffic.

"I say it's simply getting around, transportation and what are we going to do with our public transportation system to make it better," he said.

The mayoral hopeful says he supports finishing I-526.

But he's not sure yet if he will support taking one lane away from the inbound Ashley River Bridge to create a bike/pedestrian lane. Officials plan to do a test run in February.

"I am concerned about the impact on traffic and so i want to see this test done," Tecklenburg said.

Tecklenburg says he supports the just passed moratorium on 'Gathering Place zoning, saying current zoning laws allow too much growth in some spaces.

A 'Gathering Place' is a mixed use development that's considered a walkable neighborhood.

"I'm not saying the city isn't gonna grow or shouldn't grow, but we need to be mindful and smart about what occurs and how much where," Tecklenburg said.

The candidate says if elected he wants citizens to be able to go on line and be able to see where their money is being spent and how.

"It should be an open book," Tecklenburg said.

But first he has to get the most votes at the polls next Tuesday.

"I have come to know the heart and fabric of this community. I love it so much. I love it that much that I'm willing and look forward to this incredible opportunity to help lead our city to be a better place," Tecklenburg said.

We've reached out to candidate Leon Stavrinakis to ask him about his plan for the city.

We are waiting to hear back.

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