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Police: Man charged in connection with fondling of 5-year-old boy

Prioleau (Source: North Charleston Police) Prioleau (Source: North Charleston Police)

A North Charleston man has been arrested after a 5-year-old told his mother he was fondled. 

David Earl Prioleau, 21, has been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor under 11 years old. 

According to an incident report, police were dispatched to a home on City Hall Lane on Oct. 2 to meet a woman who claimed her son was sexually assaulted. 

She told police she and her mother were home preparing meals to be sold that day. While they were in the kitchen, her son and the suspect were in another room watching television.

She went looking for her son after loading her car with food, and found the suspect holding him on his lap with the covers draped over them. At that point, she told her son to get ready to leave.

The woman felt odd about what she saw, so she asked her son what happened later on. 

He responded, saying "Daniel touched my private."

The woman then put her son in the car and reported the crime with her mother by her side.

"The one thing that was unclear was if the private area was touched on top of the clothing or under," the report says. 

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