Angie's List: Pet owners should consider pet-friendly flooring

VIDEO: Angie's List: Pet owners should consider pet-friendly floors

(ANGIE'S LIST) - When it comes to flooring, it's hard to beat hardwood.  In fact, realtors say hardwood floors are the best bet for selling your house.  But if you have pets, in particular big dogs, it might be a trend to avoid.

"Many people love hardwood floors, but if you have pets they may not be your best option because if your pet has an accident, the urine can seep into the wood and stain it," Angie Hicks, creator of Angie's List, says. "Also, when the pets run across the floor, their claws can scratch it."

Cost is an important factor in home improvement decisions, but so is value.  And pet owners should consider what abuse that new flooring will take.

Carpeting, for example, may be less expensive, but it's a poor choice for a puppy that's not potty-trained. And hardwood can also be easily damaged.

Hicks adds, "vinyl flooring can be a great option if you have pets because it's just more durable and is scratch-resistant."

Harry Tishler is a flooring professional.

"Laminate generally is the most scratch-resistant flooring for active families, so we're doing more and more of that in the flooring business, and we really recommend that, if scratching is a big consideration," he says.

But don't despair if you love that natural material look as much as you love your pet.  Recent advances in vinyl plank flooring will give you the look you want and the durability you need.

"The manufacturers have learned how to make it so it looks a lot like the natural textures it's supposed to replicate, such as stone and wood,  and they got it right. It's less expensive and it's warmer to walk on in most cases," adds Tishler.

And to make that flooring last, be sure to give it the maintenance and care it needs.

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