Local Paris native talks about Paris attacks and lowcountry support

VIDEO: Local Paris native talks about Paris attacks and Lowcountry support

MT. PLEASANT, SC (AP) - A local French native, Thierry Chateau, talks about his friend's close encounter with the suicide bombers in Paris. Thierry Chateau is the owner of Saveurs Du Monde Café in Mt. Pleasant, a place where he's been receiving community support.

"It's a shock, it's a shock you have the feeling, to see something unreal," says Chateau.

After the terrorist attacks on Paris, a place where his family and friends live right now, he learned they were safe through emails.

"We had a friend…who was in the Bataclan, we didn't get any news until the day after," says Chateau.

The Bataclan was one of the locations suicide bombers attacked that officials say resulted in 89 deaths out of the at least 129 killed during the attacks.
"She relayed what she saw in the concert," says Chateau. "The scream…and the blood and she said she need to talk about it because it's too hard to keep that for herself. The feeling of 15 minutes was an eternity before she met the first policeman."

At his restaurant people are making it known that they are keeping his country in their thoughts with gifts, cards and flowers. There's a board dedicated to Paris with flowers and candles at the door as customers walk in.

"It's a huge solidarity with the French community here in Charleston and even with the Americans," says Chateau.

Chateau shows his social media account, filled with the colors of the French flag and images that have surfaced since the tragedy.

"I had some people here this morning from Israel," says Chateau. "They told me 'we are living in Israel like this for 20 years' and I think that's the way you are waiting for in France for the next year."

Chateau has lived in the United States for two years, he says the last time he visited Paris was in August.

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