Charleston Police issue statement in wake of Paris attacks

Charleston Police issue statement in wake of Paris attacks

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department has issued a statement in regards to the recent terror attacks that happened in Paris, France.

Officials say they are working with other first-responders to enhance security measures to ensure safety amongst the Charleston community.

It reads:

Recent events in Paris have certainly caused everyone around the world to examine and evaluate safety and security protocols and take steps to increase awareness.  This is no different in Charleston.

While the Charleston Police Department is constantly working with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to keep our community safe, at times like this, we heighten that daily vigilance to ensure additional awareness among first responders and the public.

While officials have confirmed there is no present information regarding any credible threat to the United States, we are still taking steps to reassure and protect our community.

Since the events in Paris took place, we have been monitoring the situation and taking action to enhance awareness among first responders.  This includes reinforcing safety and security protocols surrounding special events and large gathering, increased police visibility and patrols in heavily populated public areas, and constant communication with other public safety entities to leverage all opportunities to gain information about any possible threats.

We are also working with private operators of entertainment and sports venues to discuss security protocols and ensure that any opportunities for improvement, based on what we have learned from this latest attack in Paris, are explored.  This will include screening processes at entry points along with other security elements currently in place.  

In addition to the steps taken by the police and other first-responders, it is important that the community also participate in this effort.  We are asking the public to continue to be aware of their surroundings.  If they see or hear anything suspicious or that creates concern, they should contact the police and report the information immediately, so that it can be evaluated.

As we continue to address, in an appropriate manner, the actions that are occurring around the world, it is important that we not overreact and allow these events to impact our daily activities.  Additionally, it is important that we all be engaged and partner together to increase our awareness and attention to these important issues.

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