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Jeb Bush speaks to standing-room only crowd at CCU

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(Source: Jeb Bush Facebook) (Source: Jeb Bush Facebook)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush will be in Charleston Wednesday to speak at the Citadel on his plan to rebuild the United States military. But before that, he spoke to a standing-room only crowd of students and community members Tuesday night inside Coastal Carolina University's Johnson Auditorium about our nation's military forces leading the way in the fight against Isis.

The former governor of Florida used strong words to share his views on the U.S. taking the offensive on Isis in Syria. 

"Every day they exist they create instability that we're going to have to deal with either here or there. Which one do you want?" Bush questioned.

He detailed his strategy on defeating the extremist group by saying we need to support the Kurds and Sunni tribal leaders, as well as, embed forces within military operations already fighting in the area. Lastly, he added that we need to boost intelligence gathering.

However, it was his comments on American ground forces being sent into the fight that weren't clear. 

Earlier in the evening, Bush told the audience, "It does not mean we have to have boots on the ground." But during a one-on-one interview with WMBF news reporter Kaitlin Stansell, Bush wavered on that statement saying, "We do need boots on the ground. I just think we need to have a military strategy designed by the commanders...and the President ought to receive options, and of course for us to encourage others to join the fight, we're going to have to have a military presence."

Bush also blamed President Barack Obama for Isis's growth into an influential and dangerous terror group.

"He's the one, by his inaction, who has created this situation," Bush said. "The brutality of the Assad regime combined with the barbaric nature of Isis is now a danger for the world."s

He also remarked Tuesday that safe zones need to be created outside of the United States to help those fleeing the fighting in Syria, and that governors had a right to question the refugee situation in their states.

"I think they're concerned because they haven't been briefed on what the policies are for screening," Bush said. "I think the governors are legitimately concerned, and I think there should be a pause until the Obama administration explains exactly what the screening process is."

Bush said he believes Isis combined with an emboldened Iran are the biggest threats facing our nation at this time. He said inaction has led to these issues, and he believes American leadership really matters in fighting these global problems.

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