Push to the polls: Charleston Mayoral candidates seek your votes

Push to the polls: Charleston Mayoral candidates seek your votes
Source: WCSC (Leon Stavrinakis & Paul Tinkler)
Source: WCSC (Leon Stavrinakis & Paul Tinkler)
Source: WCSC (John Tecklenburg)
Source: WCSC (John Tecklenburg)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's come down to the wire for candidates to secure votes ahead of Tuesday's runoff elections in Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

Monday some of those individuals made their last efforts to the public.

Whether they were going door to door, or swinging by businesses for lunch, the two Charleston Mayoral candidates were doing everything they could to secure votes ahead of the runoff Tuesday.

"Everything we've done for ten months has been important," said Leon Stavrinakis. "Everything we've done for ten months we've put our energy and passion behind. We're going to keep doing that until 7:00 p.m. when polls close."

"We're just at this point trying to remind folks that it's Election Day tomorrow," said challenger John Tecklenburg. "In particular our supporters who we've identified, and to make sure that folks come out and express their opinion tomorrow, and get out and vote."

"I'm ready," said Tecklenburg as he spoke with customers at East Bay Deli in downtown Charleston Monday. "I'm ready to serve and work with you, and you guys."

With his wife, Sandy, by his side, Tecklenburg said they're optimistic heading into the runoff election.

He added he's ready to step into the mayoral position.

"I'm very positive about the future of our city," Tecklenburg said. "That's why I've been focused during this campaign about making Charleston the number one place to live, and all the quality of live issues that flow from that statement."

Meanwhile, homeowners in West Ashley secured their vote with Stavrinakis Monday afternoon.

"I appreciate your visit," said one Northbridge neighborhood homeowner. "I'm wishing you the best of luck and I'll be voting for ya."

As part of Stavrinakis' final campaign efforts, he and former mayoral candidate Paul Tinkler, were in the Northbridge neighborhood knocking on doors.
Stavrinakis said talking to these homeowners, and others in general, is important.

"The majority of Charleston's population now are suburbanites who live in West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Cainhoy, Daniel Island." Stavrinakis said. " doing that work, hearing their concerns, trying to make sure they know how committed we are to earning their vote."

Both candidates went to several places around Charleston Monday trying to earn those last minute votes.

They emphasized the importance of this election and hope that all voters will turn out Tuesday.

For those who aren't able to drive to the polling locations, there are some groups who are offering free rides. Click here for more information.

The polls for the runoff election open Tuesday, November 17, at 7:00 a.m. and will close at 7:00 p.m.

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