Local couple talks about visiting Paris during attacks

VIDEO: Local couple talks about visiting Paris during attacks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local couple from Mt. Pleasant is visiting Paris and about halfway through their trip everything changed after the Paris terrorist attacks.

"We were having a fabulous time touring museums and open air markets and bistros and cooking in the apartment that we rented one block from the Eiffel tower," says a Realtor from Mt. Pleasant, Michael White.

White says one evening he got an unexpected text.

"The strange thing was we were having dinner in the apartment and I got a text from my brother in Orlando asking if we were okay and I texted back and I said 'yes why?'" recalls White.

White says when he heard of the attacks he turned the TV on to learn more. He and his wife were about 20 minutes away from the attacks.

"We actually had heard sirens going by down on the road, and didn't think too much of it because it just happens," says White.

White says it crossed his mind to leave Paris a few days early, but he chose not to.

"We weren't going to let this small group of crazy people doing horrible things impact us so much," says White.

He says after the attack the city became much more quiet.

"But then Sunday, whereas 95 percent of the stores were open [before the attacks], 99 percent were closed."

White says he's been avoiding large crowds since the attacks, but he's still walks around to tour the city.

"This kind of tragedy I think it just brings people together all the more and that's a positive that comes out of it,  we band together," says White.

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