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Unbeknownst to Summerville residents, most recyclables put in landfill since August

The Bees Ferry Landfill (Source: CharlestonCounty.org) The Bees Ferry Landfill (Source: CharlestonCounty.org)

For the past three months, most recyclable material collected from Summerville residents has been placed in the landfill, instead of being recycled.

According to Summerville Public Information Officer Tiffany Norton, glass, tin and plastics were diverted to the landfill after an agreement between Charleston County and Sonoco Recycling ended on July 31. 

Previously, Sonoco Recycling processed commingled material at the Charleston County Material Recovery Facility, and cardboard and paper products at its facility in North Charleston.  Since Sonoco is no longer operating the Material Recovery Facility, it can no longer accept commingled material, according to Sonoco Commercial Director Mike Pope.

In an email message, Norton said recycling was still collected after the agreement expired in order to keep residents in the habit of recycling, until an alternative could be decided with the town’s garbage collection contractor, Waste Pro.

Summerville residents can still recycle cardboard and paper products through the curbside recycling program.  Those wanting to recycle their glass, tin and plastic can deliver it to a county convenience center.

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