"Rethink Folly Road" plan paused at planning commission meeting

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - City of Charleston Planning Commission division director Christopher Morgan called the "Rethink Folly Road" plan "groundbreaking" and said it was the most far-reaching plan he's ever seen for James Island.

But, it was halted before the presentation began.

The planning commission felt it deserved time and attention. Three and half hours into the meeting, when the "Rethink Folly Road" item was reached, they didn't feel it could adequately get that time and attention.

So, the item was deferred.

The "Rethink Folly Road" plan will still go before Charleston City council on December 15. It will then head back to the planning commission the following night, on December 16.

Some of the recommendations on the study include:

  • Motor vehicle efficiency and safety improvements
  • design of appropriate and safer speeds
  • better connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • better transit
  • monitor traffic volumes and repurpose lanes

The study was put together by Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments. It was funded as a "Complete Streets" Corridor Study project. Funding was $400,000 federal money and a local match of $100,000, for a total of $500,000.

Some who attended the meeting, and leave near Folly Road, said they're ready to see changes made.

"It would dramatically increase the quality of life," said James Island Resident Julie Hallman. "It would also help with flooding issues if we were able to keep as much green space as we can. There isn't much left in that area. So it would really support that and we all support it."

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