CCSD announces online application process for Magnet and Choice schools

CCSD announces online application process for Magnet and Choice schools

The Charleston County School District has announced a new application process for Magnet and Choice schools.

Students are invited to apply for schools like Academic Magnet High School, Charleston School of the Arts, Garrett Academy of Technology and Military Magnet starting on Jan. 4 online.

School officials say paper applications will be available upon request.

The press release says the schools included in the magnet/ choice options are:

Countywide Admissions Criteria Magnet Schools

  • Buist Academy
  • Academic Magnet High School
  • Charleston School of the Arts

Countywide Magnet Schools

  • Burke High School Advanced Placement Academy
  • Charleston Progressive Academy
  • Garrett Academy of Technology
  • Military Magnet Academy

Constituent Magnet School

  • Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary

Partial Magnet Schools

  • Advanced Studies Magnet - West Ashley
  • C.E. Williams Middle (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)
  • Haut Gap Middle Advanced Studies Magnet
  • James B. Edwards Elementary
  • Jennie Moore Elementary (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)
  • Laing Middle
  • Memminger Elementary
  • Mitchell Math & Science Elementary
  • North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary
  • St. Andrew’s School for Math & Science
  • Sullivan’s Island Elementary
  • Zucker Middle (change from Constituent to Partial Magnet)

Montessori Schools

  • James Simons Elementary
  • Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary
  • Montessori Community School
  • Murray–LaSaine Elementary

Online applications will be available from Jan. 4 to Jan. 22.

A fair being held to learn about the schools will be held at West Ashley High School on Jan. 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Other notable dates are as follows:

January 25 – February 20, 2016 Lotteries, auditions, testing, writing

February 22 – 27, 2016 Notification of acceptance

February 29 – March 11, 2016 Parents confirm acceptance

By August 1, 2016 Residency confirmations must be submitted

For additional information on the new process, call the School Choice Office at (843) 402-7804.

Student organization SAME (Students Advocating for Multicultural Education) out of Academic Magnet has started a petition in response to the changes. 

"This move, would make the hard task as a low income (likely minority) student to gain admittance into this school even harder," the petition states, "By making the application completely online, the CCSD School Board is basically saying that we expect a certain type of student to apply this school."

"If you do not have access to a computer or a guidance counselor who will advocate for you an ensure that you are able to apply (as many do not), you will miss out on an opportunity to receive an education from this great public school," the student organization adds.

The petition currently has over 270 signatures.

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