Charleston Blue Jamboree draws Democratic presidential candidates Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley to rally

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The three candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination came together today for the Charleston Blue Jamboree. Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton talked to a crowd of more than 1,000 people at Jenkins Institute in North Charleston.

"If you're happy to be a democrat in this nation clap your hands," says State Senator Marlon Kimpson as he pumps up the crowd.

The Blue Jamboree, hosted by the Charleston County Democratic Party, is the first time all three democratic presidential candidates have been in Charleston for the same event.

"Our options for presidential candidates this year are so extreme, I felt it's really important to make the right choice," says rally participant, Lynn Deleon.

Some people who came out today have decided their pick for presidency, while others are still figuring it out.

"I don't have a favorite, so I'm here carrying a Hillary sign because my mom would be proud that a woman is running for office," says rally participant, Heather Jones.

Candidates discussed a range of topics in their 30 minute slot. Each one looking to make college more affordable, health care more accessible and increasing minimum wage.

"We are going to create an economy that works for the middle class not just the billionaire class," says Vermont Senator, Sanders.

Sanders is all about a political revolution and investing in jobs and education, not jails. Former Secretary of State, Clinton encouraged higher voter turnout in the state to create change.

"We've got to look at what's going on to help people and do more of it and that includes trying to convince Governor's like yours to extend Medicaid to working folks in South Carolina," says Clinton.

O'Malley calls himself a man of action from his 15 years of experience as mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland.

"I'm talking about investing more in public education rather than less and making our public schools the best in America five years in a row," says O'Malley.  "I'm talking about making college more affordable by being the only state to go 4 years in a row without a penny's increase to college tuition."

Some rally participants say they want assurance that the next president will secure their safety.

"There's so much violence in the communities and a lot of bitterness and hatred and it's scary, it's a scary environment," says rally participant, Gloria Lewis. "Protection is the one thing I want to know about all of them, are they going to protect us?"

A recent poll from Winthrop University surveyed just more than 800 democratic voters in South Carolina. The survey predicts 72%  of voters will cast their ballot for Clinton, 15% percent for Sanders and 2% for O'Malley.

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