One80 Place hosts "Turkey and a $20" donation drive

VIDEO: One80 Place hosts "Turkey and a $20" donation drive

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - When you're in the grocery store preparing for Thanksgiving One80 Place, a Charleston shelter, wants you to keep it in mind. On Tuesday, the shelter is having its annual "Turkey and a $20" donation drive. The shelter encourages you to donate a frozen turkey and $20 if you can.

"I'll be here with my crew and we're just going to have a good holiday dinner," says One80 Place client, Rebecca Rylance.

Rylance works in the kitchen as part of the shelter's Rise Project, she's ready for Thanksgiving.

"It's like a family setting for me," says Rylance.

CEO of One80 Place, Stacey Denaux is continuing a shelter tradition with the drive, it's the third year.

"This is a time for people to help us out on this one day which really provides a great source of food for use throughout the year," says Denaux.

Each year the shelter serves nearly 200,000 meals. The funds from the drive will continue to support food rescue efforts.The organization provides food, shelter, and hope to end homelessness and hunger.

"The benefits of a drive like this are really keeping homelessness a top of minds for people as we're hustling through the busy holiday season, but the Turkey and a $20 drive is really a way to have some fun as well," says Denaux.

The drive will have a pep-rally like atmosphere when you come by. One80 place also provides counseling and group meeting space, job training facilities and more.

"We're really helping people feel the warmth of the season and not feel alone so bringing some of that celebration that we all have at home here into this very large home of about 150 people everyday," says Denaux.

Rebecca has a favorite thing about being in the kitchen, especially during the holidays.

"I appreciate the smiles and all the smile on all the faces because they truly enjoy it," says Rylance.  "You can read that when people are smiling, you can see it that their happy and that they're enjoying themselves."

One80 Place is also in need of other meat protein, non-perishables, canned goods and personal items. The center is located downtown on Walnut Street.

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