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The ten states where you're most likely see a fight at a Black Friday sale

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Black Friday is upon us and many plan to scour their local malls and shops for the best deals. 

It's likely that a few shoppers will scuffle over the latest marked-down toy, television set, or cookware. Writers at Estately, a real estate website, say they wanted to determine which states had Black Friday shoppers that were most likely to resort to blows over sale items. 

They ranked each state from 1-50 using the following data sets and then averaging the results.

1. Facebook users expressing interest in Black Friday sales — (source: Facebook user data)

2. Frequency of aggravated assaults (attempts to cause seriously bodily injury purposely) — (source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports—2014) 

The writers cite Facebook user data that says fewer than two percent of users express interest in Black Friday sales in California and Hawaii, while over ten percent users in West Virginia and Kentucky do.

They say Tennessee had the highest rate of aggravated assaults at 453.2 incidents per 100,000 people, and Maine had the fewest, at 66.9 incidents per 100,000 people. 

Click here for a full ranking of the states. 

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