Council rejects new height limits for Sergeant Jasper & buildings in district

Council rejects new height limits for Sergeant Jasper & buildings in district

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston City council denied the request Tuesday to change height limits in the Historic District, where Sergeant Jasper stands.

Last month, the Charleston Planning Commission approved the recommendation to rezone all 3X properties in the district to a 55-foot height limit.

Many begged for the recommendation to be deferred.

"There is no downside to deferring this until a time when all sides can be fairly heard," said Ginny Bush. Several, like Bush, took the microphone during the public hearing portion.

Dozens spoke in favor of deferring the recommendation, hoping the rezoning of the district would get approved in the future.

Others, like The Beach Company President and CEO John Darby, said changing the zoning in the district would be a disregard for The Beach Company's property rights.

In the end, City council rejected the recommendation to rezone. Council member Mike Seekings had the only vote against this rejection, supporting the recommendation get deferred.

Mayor Joe Riley did make a motion stating the planning department meet with developers and people in the neighborhoods, to reach a new solution.

"So this gives us an opportunity to go back to the drawing board," said John Darby. "Hopefully there's a compromise out there and we can build a new building."

Sergeant Jasper currently sits vacant, overlooking Colonial Lake on Broad Street.

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