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Walter Scott's family 'shocked but not surprised' by video of Chicago officer-involved shooting

Walter Scott. (Source: Facebook) Walter Scott. (Source: Facebook)
Laquan McDonald. (Source: Facebook/CNN) Laquan McDonald. (Source: Facebook/CNN)

Attorneys representing family members of Walter Scott have released a statement after video of  an officer-involved shooting started raising tension in Chicago. 

Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged Tuesday with first degree murder in the August 2014 killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Less than a year after that incident, 50-year-old Walter Scott was shot while running from former North Charleston police officer Micheal Slager. 

"While the circumstances may be different, the end result of the Walter Scott and Laquan McDonald shootings is all too similar:  an African-American man who was no immediate threat to law enforcement dead on the ground," reads a statement sent by attorneys L. Chris Stewart and Justin Bamberg.

Representatives say the family was shocked but not surprised by the video officials say shows the Chicago police officer shooting and killing the teenager. 

"Police shootings have become all too common today, but due to cameras, families are able to witness first-hand the final moments of their loved ones lives," the statement continues. "The family of Walter Scott extends their deepest sympathies to the family of Laquan McDonald and hopes that this will serve as a teachable moment for both citizens and law enforcement."     

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