Experts: Listen for tell-tale noises of worn brakes

Experts: Listen for tell-tale noises of worn brakes

(ANGIE'S LIST) - No noise is good noise when it comes to your vehicle's brakes, but what should you do when you hear a squeak, squeal or grind? Is it an immediate safety concern or can you safely keep on driving?

Automotive service technician, Frank Kuhn says that a squeak could be dirt and it could be the pads are starting to glaze over.

"Sometimes a couple of really good, hard stops will fix that," Kuhn says. "But if it continues, it's best to have it looked at."

If your car brakes squeak when you stop it could also mean that your brakes need to be lubricated, not replaced.

"If you hear a high-pitched squeal that goes away when there's added pressure put to the brakes, that's a sign that you need new brake pads and should be checked out right away," Angie's List founder Angie Hicks says.
"If the brake pad is chewing into the rotor, that can cause that wheel to lock up, whether it's on the front of the vehicle or the rear of the vehicle," Automotive Service Technician, Robert Vawter says.

All in all it's important to be aware of any strange noises coming from your car, and to have your car checked on a regular basis, experts say.

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