Thousands travel through Lowcountry to get to Thanksgiving destination

Thousands travel through Lowcountry to get to Thanksgiving destination
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

SOUTH CAROLINA (WCSC) - Thousands of families traveled through South Carolina Wednesday to reach their final destination for Thanksgiving.

Many took the main highways like I-26 and I-95 to get to other states around the South.

"[We're going to] Charlotte," said Ann Reidy, of Jacksonville, Florida.

""We're going up to North Carolina, up towards Union Mills," said Bert Schriker, of Florida.

Many families said that travel along the I-26 and I-95 corridor flowed well throughout the early morning.

"You know it hasn't been too bad," said Reidy who left around 8:00 a.m. "It's been pretty smooth all the way along. The couple of spots we hit, kind of got a little heavier, but most of the time it was pretty smooth."

Several Floridians started their journey early Wednesday morning in order to get around the traffic.

"We got up at 2:00 a.m., packed the van, and hit the road around 4:00 in the morning," said Javier Garcia, of Orlando, Florida.

His kids, meanwhile, weren't a big fan of the early morning wake-up call.

"I didn't like it at all," said one of his children. When asked if they slept on the car ride, several of the children responded with a loud "Yeah!"

Cars, trucks, and vans were packed to the brim as families traveled from all over to see extended family.

"My husband's parents and brother live up there so we're going to spend Thanksgiving with them," Reidy said.

Meanwhile, some families decided to take a mini-vacation as a whole in order to celebrate the holiday.

"We haven't had the chance this year to gather together," Garcia said. "Actually we're going to a cabin where be, no cell phone, no television, so we're going to have as much family time as we can."

"It's a resort in Roan Mountain, Tennessee," added Janira Garcia.

A majority of the South Carolina roadways and bridges closed back in October for the flood have reopened.

At this point SC DOT says 70 paths are still closed; a large majority considered back-roads.

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