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Charleston assistant fire chief facing charges after failing to stop for police


An assistant fire chief with the city of Charleston faces two charges after failing to stop for an officer on the first of November. 

A representative with the Hanahan Police Department says Christopher Michael Vanhoy was arrested after an officer suspected him of driving while drunk and tried to pull him over.

According to the incident report, after observing the traffic violation, the officer activated his blue lights to pull the truck over and Vanhoy failed to stop for the officer.

The report continues with the following: 

The officer then activated his siren and the driver continued to drive the truck while failing to pull over for the officer. [He] continued to drive the truck while failing to pull over for the officer. The driver turned onto Meadowcliff Avenue and the officer used the public address system on his police car to order the driver to stop; he failed to comply. The officer also observed the driver open the driver’s door while the vehicle was in motion and this is often an indicator that the occupant of a vehicle is contemplating “bailing” from the vehicle in order to flee on foot from police officers. The vehicle finally stopped in the front yard of [the 6000 block of] Meadowcliff Avenue and as it stopped, the driver’s door opened and driver began to exit the truck. The officers approached the vehicle with Tasers drawn and placed the driver under arrest. 

According to the incident report, the arresting officer smelled alcohol on Vanhoy and noticed other indicators that he was under the influence of alcohol.

"Considering the fact the driver failed to stop for the blue lights and indicated he was going to flee on foot from the vehicle while it was in motion, the arresting officer determined he was a flight risk and elected not to conduct the field sobriety tests" the incident report says. "The officer subsequently charged the driver with Failure to Stop for Blue Lights and Driving Left of Center." 

Officers found out he was employed by the Charleston Fire Department after he was arrested. 

"The officer’s decision not to perform the sobriety testing had nothing to do with Mr. Vanhoy’s profession or his employer," the news release states. "Mr. Vanhoy was eventually transported to the Berkeley County Detention Center for a bond hearing and is currently awaiting trial." 

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