Local bars prep for crowds during Carolina vs. Clemson football game

VIDEO: Local bars prep for crowds during Carolina vs. Clemson football game

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Bars across the Lowcountry are prepping for one of the busiest sports days of the season, the Carolina Gamecocks versus the Clemson Tigers football game tomorrow. The game is at Carolina this year, but many fans in Charleston are gearing up to watch it right here.

"The energy is really high, the walls will shake when we score a touchdown, it's great, it's such a great time," says Bar Manager of The Roost Bar N' Grill, Max Duryee.

The Roost is located in West Ashley along with Charleston Sports Pub.

"I would get here at 11:01, try to get here as soon as we open to secure a table because by kickoff they're probably won't be much available, standing room only," says the owner of Charleston Sports Pub, Perry Freeman.

Duryee and Freeman says there's no debate about who they'll be rooting for.

"We're known for being a Carolina bar hence the name, The Roost, and we have the chickens all over the walls," says Duryee.

"We host the Charleston County Clemson Club so we know there's going to be a lot of those guys here, they have a great following, so were anticipating a predominant Clemson crowd," says Freeman.

Both bars will increase its staff and they're prepared with extra food and drinks.

"I just wrote a check for like probably over $1,500, that's going to last us through the weekend," says Duryee.

That money was used for drinks only.

"It's a big rivalry weekend...we plan on being busy all day, Clemson-Carolina is one of the biggest rivalries in the country not just South Carolina," says Freeman.

They're both ready for the game.

"Hopefully we can give Clemson the first lost of the season," says Duryee.

"I'm a Clemson Alumni so I have a feeling that Clemson is going to take care of business tomorrow," says Freeman.

Even though they have their picks all team fans are welcome. Each bar says they have a following from both sides on game days and for other teams too.

At the game, the Carolina and Clemson bands will join together in performing a halftime tribute to the victims of the church shooting at  Mother Emanuel.

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