Johns Island Christmas tree farm closed due to excess rain

Johns Island Christmas tree farm closed due to excess rain

JOHNS ISLAND, SC - Noel's Tree Farm off Maybank Highway has been selling Christmas trees for three decades.

"We have a lot of people coming out to cut down trees on Thanksgiving and take them home and decorate them," Charlie Tumbleston said.
Normally, Thanksgiving is a busy time for business.

But this year, the Johns Island Christmas tree farm will stay closed.

"We will not open this year simply because we have some trees that are not the quality that I had in the past," Tumbleston said. "We've had a lot of rain, and the type of trees I grow, which is Leyland cypress, they don't like a lot of water on their roots."
Unfortunately, the year's excess rainfall and October flooding left some
tree fields underwater. Now some trees have a fungus, causing discoloration and branch loss.

"Thirty, thirty five years I've been growing trees," Tumbleston said. "This is the first time we've had this much rain, and the water table has been this high."

Tumbleston said he sells hundreds of trees over the season normally, yet, he maintains thousands of trees on Fernhill Drive farm. Still, he's not worried about being closed this year.

"The ones that are affected minimally, we'll spray a fungicide on them, and they should rebound in a couple of years," Tumbleston said. "That's the nice thing about having a tree farm. The trees are alive so the ones you don't sell in this season, they'll be
ready next season."

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