Mt. Pleasant officials viewing options to widen Highway 41

VIDEO: Mt. Pleasant officials viewing options to widen Highway 41
Source: WCSC (Option 1)
Source: WCSC (Option 1)
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Source: WCSC (Option 2)
Source: WCSC (Option 2 Funding)
Source: WCSC (Option 2 Funding)
Source: WCSC (Interim Plan)
Source: WCSC (Interim Plan)

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mt. Pleasant Transportation Committee is moving forward with an option to widen Highway 41.

The highway connects Mt. Pleasant to Wando, and also bridges Charleston and Berkeley Counties.

Thousands of cars travel along the two-lane road causing backup during rush hour.

Now, town officials are looking at options to get this long awaited project completed.

Option 1 would widen the road from two lanes to four from Highway 17 to the Wando Bridge.

Charleston County would fund between $20-$30 million, while the town would contribute $400,000.

"That will make it more palatable for them, I believe, knowing that there is some reimbursement already in the pipelines," said Mayor Linda Page. "A very small reimbursement, but there is a reimbursement."

The catch with this option though, construction wouldn't start for another two years.

This option would also need to be voted on by the people.

"With the increase of people moving into this area, I think the County would be the best option to help pay for it, and go ahead and get it done,"
said Kathie Treavo, who travels 41 often.

Option 2 looks to have the town in charge of funding.

Instead of widening four lanes up to the Wando Bridge, it would be limited from Highway 17 to Joe Rouse Road, which is also the entrance to Park West.

The town would have to come up with the money which could mean higher hospitality and transportation taxes.

"I think it would be worth it," said Emily Nowell, of Mt. Pleasant. "The taxes would be negligible to cover the widening of it."

Despite the two options many people who drive on 41 are hoping for the widening project to happen as soon as possible.

The committee made the motion to present option 1, County funded, to the full council in the coming months.

There's also an "interim relief plan" that could be paired with either option.

This would provide turning lanes at Joe Rouse Road and Highway 41.

This plan will also be presented to the full council.

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