Plan to increase building height near Ravenel Bridge deferred

VIDEO: Plan to increase building height near Ravenel Bridge deferred

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Planning and Development committees members in Mt. Pleasant decided to defer a proposed ordinance that would change the height restrictions on some buildings in the town.

Currently, the greatest building height allowed anywhere in town is 80 feet. There are specific areas in Mt. Pleasant that permit this height.

The proposed ordinance change for the Bridgeside II Planned Development District by the Ravenel Bridge looks to increase the height of the future buildings in the area from 80 feet to 150 feet.

The request wants to have the height measured from the first occupied floor elevation (ie. Living, working, shopping units) to the highest point on the structure, with standard exceptions per the Zoning Code.

The project will be a mixed-use building, with office spaces, retail/restaurants, as well as 573 apartments and 450 hotel rooms.

Currently the area where this proposed design would be built allows an 80 foot high structure.

Per staff notes, it reads "Increased height (above the typical 35- or 40-foot limit) is typically more appropriate in areas adjacent to tall infrastructure, like the Ravenel Bridge."

This proposed change needs to go before the council and also the Design Review Process later down the road.

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