Mt. Pleasant moves to fix cut-through traffic

VIDEO: Mt. Pleasant moves to fix cut-through traffic

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The town of Mount Pleasant is looking at ways to slow drivers down through neighborhoods that are often used as cut-throughs.

On Monday, the Transportation Committee discussed putting in speed humps and four way stops in The Grove and Cooper Estates. The recommendation will go to town council Dec. 8.

Many who live in the neighborhoods want something done soon.

"My kids can't even play in the street simply because people are going by too fast," said Harry Dinwiddie.

Dinwiddie has lived in Cooper Estates for 11 years. His sons Holden and Jack have grown up knowing they can't play on their street.

"I just see cars going really fast and there's a lot of kids in my neighborhood," said 9-year-old Holden Dinwiddie. "So, I just really want them to slow down so we can have more time to play outside and not get run over."

"Walking them in a stroller since they were a young age," said Dinwiddie, pointing to his sons. "Everyday I would get yelled at, just for being on the street, walking my kids in my neighborhood."

Just down the road, James Thompson sees it all the time.

"It's a safety issue," said Thompson. "As well as an issue of respect."

The town of Mount Pleasant is moving forward with the idea of putting in more speed humps and four-way stops. It is expected to cost $30,000.

"Excellent idea," said Thompson. "I totally agree with it. We need to slow people down."

Others feel more needs to be done.

"I'm okay with the extra stop signs," Dinwiddie said. "I would really love to see speed bumps. Just because speed humps, people still take it about 25 or 30 miles an hour."

While the town works to find a solution to the traffic concerns, residence beg drivers to pump the breaks.

"Please slow down, we've got kids in the neighborhood," Dinwiddie said.

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