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GOP hopeful Marco Rubio addresses crowd at CofC

Source: WCSC Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC Source: WCSC
Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo source: Facebook) Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo source: Facebook)

Republican Presidential hopeful and Florida Senator Marco Rubio was in the Lowcountry Tuesday morning.

Rubio made a stop at the College of Charleston as part of its “Bully Pulpit Series.” Rubio believes the 2016 election is an extremely important part of the country’s history, especially when it comes to the students’ vote.

"This election is a generational choice,” Rubio said. “Not over which party to vote for, not even which candidate to vote for. This election is a generational choice of what kind of country will we be in the 21st century."

Men and women of the younger generation and older generations filled the Stern Center Gardens at the College of Charleston.

Rubio says he feels this election will help determine whether the country will rise or decline in standings.

"If we do what needs to be done, this country can be greater than it's ever been,” Rubio said. “We need to modernize our policies, apply our principle of limited government, free enterprise, a strong national defense to the unique challenges facing our people in the 21st century."

Rubio went on to speak about the tensions in Syria, especially when it comes to ISIS.

He believes the group will be stopped with cooperative efforts in the air and on the ground.

"They have to be rejected ideologically and defeated militarily by local fighters from the area,” he said. “That will require some American assistance."

Meanwhile, there's tension here in the U.S. after several mass shootings, and police involved incidents.

Rubio believes mental illness plays a large role.

"It's an issue that needs to be dealt with in a holistic way,” he said. “The federal government has a limited role to play in that, but I think our local, state, communities and families at large need to be more aware that mental illness is a disease."

Moving on to Guantanamo Bay, Rubio discussed the possibility of transferring suspected terrorists to the U.S., specifically the Naval Brig.

"These are terrorists, enemy combatants, and need to be held as enemy combatants,” he said. “They need to be held at Guantanamo."

Questions from the audience ranged in topics from climate change to making the country more globally competitive with its resources. 

Rubio will travel to Washington D.C. Thursday to share his plan on strengthening the U.S. Israel Alliance and defeating radical Islamic terrorism.

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