Carly Fiorina speaks to military at Citadel during stop in SC

VIDEO: Carly Fiorina speaks to military at Citadel during stop in SC

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina spoke to hundreds of military members and their families Tuesday evening at the Citadel.
It was part of her three-day trip to South Carolina.

The event was hosted by Concerned Veterans of America. Many of her points focused on military support.

"Why is it that we talk about the same issues election after election after election?" Said Fiorina. "Yet, they never really get better. How long have we been talking about the VA and the fact that it does not serve those who have served us."

Concerned Veterans of America CEO Pete Hegseth presented questions to Fiorina.

She stressed the need to preserve the freedom and liberty many fought for, and change the direction the country is headed.

"This is why we need leadership, to challenge the status quo," said Fiorina. "We need somebody who understands how bureaucracies work. Because our government is one gigantic bureaucracy and we need to cut it down to size and hold it accountable."

She advocated the need for a new tax code, changing it from 73 pages to 3 pages. 
She stressed the need to change government spending, the importance of repealing Obamacare, strengthening small businesses and holding the people in charge accountable.

"75% of the American people now think the federal government is corrupt," said Fiorina.

She stressed the importance of dealing with ISIS and world leaders, like Vladimir Putin.

"Vladimir Putin is a formidable foe," said Fiorina. "I've met him and he is a man who lusts for power."

Fiorina advocated the need to assert America's power to leaders like Putin.

"We will establish a no-fly zone," said Fiorina. "Our jets will fly whenever and wherever they want. And, I would be rebuilding the 6th-fleet right under his nose, begin rebuilding the missile defense program right under his nose, conducting regular military exercises in the Baltic states. And then we can talk, Mr. Putin."

She also touched on her issues with leaders inside the country.

"I have to say honestly I don't pay any attention to what Mrs. Clinton says, I pay attention to what she's done," said Fiorina.

Fiorina noted she hopes to go head-to-head in a debate with Hilary Clinton.

She ended the town hall meeting by taking pictures with her supporters.
Many in the crowd were empowered by her speech.

"She has a philosophy that appeals to me which seems to be oriented toward, which is returning power back to the individual citizens of our country," said Ed Evans, a veteran from Mt. Pleasant.

"She would do a great job, because she's smart," said Linda Grumbine, who is part of a military family.

Fiorina's SC trip will end Wednesday with an even in North Charleston, at the South Carolina Federal Credit Union.
That is a private event, for invited guests only.

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