Cops: Man claims multiple attempts to shoot ex, mom was 'Lord's work'

VIDEO: Cops: Man claims multiple attempts to shoot ex, mom was 'Lord's work'
Suspect's weapon. (Source: Moncks Corner PD)
Suspect's weapon. (Source: Moncks Corner PD)

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry man said he was doing the "Lord's work" when he attempted to shoot his ex-girlfriend and her mother in the head multiple times at a home in Moncks Corner.

The Moncks Corner Police Department charged 37-year-old William Guy Shumpert with two counts of attempted murder.

The charges stem from an incident last Thursday when two officers responded to a home on Gulledge Street for a report of a man pointing a gun at two women who were later identified as Shumpert's ex-girlfriend and her mother.

When the officers arrived one of them saw a woman, the ex-girlfriend's mother, inside the house with her hands up. The woman then pointed at something or someone the officer couldn't see; the officer said he realized that the woman was in distress.

The other officer had already made contact with the suspect's ex-girlfriend inside the house with Shumpert directly behind her.

"Shumpert was acting erratic and we were unaware of what his intentions were when we entered the apartment," an officer's report states.

The officers placed Shumpert in handcuffs and observed a revolver on the floor of the bedroom.

Police say Shumpert jerked away from officers, and cursed and screamed as he was escorted to the patrol car. In addition, authorities say he attempted multiple times to kick the rear window out.

The ex-girlfriend said the incident started when she was visiting her mother while Shumpert was passed out on the couch and drunk.

According to police, while the victim was in her mother's room talking to her, Shumpert walked in, put a gun to the victim's head and started pulling the trigger.

According to the victim, Shumpert pulled the trigger multiple times, stopped, then pulled the trigger more times.

"When the gun didn't go off he pushed me down on the floor and started punching me in the face," the victim said. "William then started biting me on my arms and hands."

The victim told investigators that Shumpert then got up and stood over her with the gun to her head and kept trying to pull the trigger.

At one point, MCPD officials say Shumpert went to the victim's mother, who was on the phone with 911, put the gun to her head and started pulling the trigger. She told officers that Shumpert told her that he was "doing the Lord's work."

Police say it was at that point the officers arrived.

Investigators reported the revolver Shumpert was using was fully loaded with six bullets, but failed to fire due to a malfunction.

"All six of the cartridges had pin strikes on each of them indicating that the firing pin did strike each cartridge but failed to ignite the primer," investigators said.

Shumpert said he wasn't exactly sure what happened and told officers that he had been in a relationship with the victim, and remembers drinking throughout the day.

According to Shumpert, he and the victim had been arguing, but he couldn't tell what it was about. Shumpert told investigators that he must have blacked out since he doesn't remember having the gun or pointing it anybody.

When asked why he told the victim's mother that he was doing the "lord's work" Shumpert said he didn't know why he said that.

In a police report, Shumpert said he did a similar "act of violence" towards his father by pointing the same gun at him.

The victim suffered from a swollen face and bite marks all over her right arm and both hands.

The victim's mother told officers that Shumpert had been staying with her since his mother had passed away.

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