Mother Emanuel prays for California shooting victims

VIDEO: Mother Emanuel prays for California shooting victims

Church members at Mother Emanuel AME lifted up the California shooting victims, and their families, at a Bible study Wednesday evening.

"We prayed some of the evilness in this world would come to a halt," said lifelong church member Thomas Rose.

Rose said it was very emotional inside the bible study.

"We here at Mother Emanuel, we're still grieving," said Rose. "So, there's always tears. There will always be tears."

Rose was at the church bible study on June 17, but left shortly before the shooting happened that killed 9 people. 
He said it's something he thinks about often. But, it reminds him of God's power.

"What the devil demands for evil, God is going to turn it around for good," said Rose.

Rose and other members said when they heard about the shooting tragedy in San Bernardino, it struck a chord.  But, they encourage everyone involved to continue to bow their heads.

"Continue to stay in prayer and stay close to God," said Rose. "Pray without ceasing."

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