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Parents finding their kids using social media rather than sleeping


If you’ve found your teen using social media instead of sleeping at night, you have plenty of company. 

A new survey has found 62% of parents discovered their kids browsing the internet or using social media at night when parents thought the kids were sleeping. 

The issue raises concerns that use of digital devices could not only cause the kids to be tired and irritable in the morning, but also harm performance at school. 

The survey of 3000 U.S. parents of high school children ages 12 to 15 found that 51 percent of parents said their teens were cranky in the morning and unusually tired after school, and that’s what made the parents suspicious.

Of parents worried about nighttime internet use, 51% said they had noticed  it affected their children’s ability to finish homework, 46% said they had raised the issue with teachers, and 56% of parents had noticed their children doing school work while using social media. 

The survey was conducted the first part of this month by the productivity website, Stop Proscrastinating. 

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