Summerville home filled with nearly two dozen Christmas trees

Summerville home filled with nearly two dozen Christmas trees

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - When you drive by Jimmy and Brenda's Summerville home at night, you can't help but get in the holiday spirit.

The lights turn on at Thanksgiving and light up the night through the New Year.

But it's not just the outside that puts you in a holiday mood.

Their house is a Christmas tree extravaganza.

There are almost two dozen trees, decked to the hilt inside the home.

"She stays busy the whole month of November decorating," said Jimmy Hunter.

Brenda labors up to three days on each tree, decorating not only in the living room, but also the kitchen, the bar, nearly every room. The tree themes change from year to year, designs Brenda thinks up on her own.

"Sometimes when I'm finished they look like what I designed in my head, sometimes they don't ," Brenda laughed.

This year, there's a black tree decked with white birds and ornaments.

In the dining room, you'll find a tree that rotates with a miniature train circling below the moving tree.

For the little ones, a silvery Disney Frozen tree is in an upstairs bedroom.  An elf tree has personality, with a jolly guy on top.

"But one of my very favorites would be one that's a dress tree in my shoe room," said Brenda.

Yup - a tree in her shoe closet.

Brenda has done this for years, and recently Jimmy suggested they invite friends and family for tours to benefit charity.

"They don't believe there's going be 22 trees in the house until they walk around and see how she's situated the trees," he said.

This takes work, all year long, searching for designs for the NEXT set of  trees.

"I have two sisters and we do a lot of shopping with a lot of pictures being texted back and forth," Brenda said.  And a there are a lot of pictures being texted of this year's accomplishment, Brenda's holiday labor of love.
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