A shorter legislative session gains support in Senate

A shorter legislative session gains support in Senate

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - An effort to shorten South Carolina's January-to-June legislative session is gaining support in the Senate, where the idea has died repeatedly.

A Senate panel has advanced two proposals that would shave a month off the Legislature's meeting days in the Statehouse. Senators amended a House version that would shave two. The House's 103-4 vote last March marked at least the 11th time in 20 years that chamber passed a session-shortening bill.

The Senate panel's leader, GOP Sen. Shane Massey, said the Senate's changing make-up, as well as growing frustration with extended sessions, could finally prompt a new calendar. He says the lengthy legislative session prevents working people from even seeking a seat.

House members have long pushed the money-saving aspect of a shorter session.

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