Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson emerges in South Carolina

VIDEO: Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson emerges in South Carolina

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - His name might not be familiar to most but you will see it on the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary ballot in February. Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson was in Charleston for the opening of his headquarters in North Charleston on Remount Road.

"You're going to see the real compassion with no politic in it, I don't know politic I just know human being," says Wilson.

Wilson has worked his way from poverty to a multi-millionaire businessman and he's funding his campaign. He went from working at McDonalds doing custodial work to owning several McDonald's franchises in the Chicago area.

"I'm not bought, I"m not bought by the Democrat or the Republican party...I'm looking to be bought by the people itself."

Wilson spoke at his headquarters today among Black Lives Matter organizers and the community.

"The way that he is organizing his campaign is purely around the people and for the people," says Black Lives Matter organizer in Charleston, Muhiyidin D'Baha. "So this is the place that's right in the middle of where the people live."

A few months ago Wilson ran for mayor in Chicago, coming in third place. Wilson is looking to tackle areas including economic development, making education affordable, public safety, and creating national faith-based initiatives. He also wants to create equal opportunities for all people, including equal pay.

"Because I have came up through such hard times, I look around in the area at people want things, people want to make something out of themselves and they don't even have the opportunity," says Wilson.

Black Lives Matters will be hosting 20 political forums across the state to get the word out about Wilson.

"Hopefully we do more positive or progressive things in the future to show a better United States then the one we see today," says Steven Westbrook, who attended the event.

In 1989 Wilson created a weekly program showcasing contemporary Gospel music called "Singsation!" The show is regularly hosted by Wilson and is available in more than 60 million households every Sunday.

Wilson will be in South Carolina until Monday. He says he will be in the state and on the grounds for three weeks leading up to the Democratic presidential primary in February, getting the word out about his campaign.

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