Palmetto Goodwill spreading holiday cheer to local seniors

VIDEO: Palmetto Goodwill spreading holiday cheer to local seniors

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Less than ten days until Christmas, and some local seniors enjoyed a special celebration Wednesday, with the help of Palmetto Goodwill's Golden Angel program.

"The holidays are a time when everyone is stepping up to help the community," Kaley Briesmaster, of Palmetto Goodwill, said. "But we find in these senior
centers a lot of times, the seniors that are living here or visiting here, get a little forgotten about. So we wanted to do something that just makes them feel special and look forward to and enjoy."

Sandy Clair, director of the Charleston Area Seniors Citizens Center, said some seniors often need the extra support.

"Unfortunately many of the people we serve are invisible," Clair said. "The homebound, especially, nobody sees or notices. We are now serving 600 home delivery meals a day, and we have people that need a lot of help."

The giving doesn't stop here. Palmetto Goodwill is providing more than 1300 seniors with blankets, nearly 600 seniors with a holiday meal and almost 960 seniors with clothing vouchers. Clair said the small vouchers can make a big difference for some.

"It's a big factor because if you're living on a fixed income," Clair said, "then it's difficult to buy gifts for other people. While it's really nice to receive, we all enjoy giving. So I imagine some of these vouchers will be spent in buying gifts for their families, which they wouldn't be able to do otherwise."

Clair said being together with the Goodwill staff, can be a gift in itself.

"It's the comradery, and singing Christmas carols and getting to see the Goodwill staff," Clair said. "That's really important for us, and we enjoy the partnership."

"Just being here and seeing them," 84-year-old Martha Devaux said. "That's ok with me. That's the best give I could ever receive today."

More information on Palmetto Goodwill and the Golden Angel program, benefitting seniors, can be found at
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