Riverland Oaks neighbors worry new development will cause flooding

Riverland Oaks neighbors worry new development will cause flooding

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston Planning Commission is considering several big developments planned for James Island.

One topic, a new apartment building on Woodland Shores Road, has been taken off this week's agenda.

City officials say the developer has not yet come up with a solid plan to address drainage issues.

Neighbors living in the area have big concerns that construction will cause their properties to flood.

This area has had it's fair share of flooding issues in the last few months from heavy rains and high tides.

"There's several homes on Woodland Shores Road that have flooded," Julie Hallman. "I had to have all of my insulation and my duct work replaced underneath my house, recently."

Hallman has lived on Woodland Shores Road for five years. She says the area is starting to have major flooding issues that are hurting their quality of life. 

Plans are in the works now for a  new 118 unit apartment complex, right behind the Pour House on Maybank Highway.

Homeowners around the lot are worried what this will mean for their homes. 

Hallman says their storm water drains into the tract of land that's going to be developed. 

They say if a building is put there, the water will have to go somewhere - they fear in their yards. 

"That flooding is going to get a lot worse," said Hallman. "People's properties are effected."

Hallman and her neighbors want to see this project adjusted to better fit the neighborhood.

"It's an extremely narrow, wet tract of land, there's wetlands there and they want to put the number of units that's planned for that we think is just too many," said Hallman. 

She also wants to see a plan in place to handle the drainage, before shovels hit the dirt.

"We all know Charleston is growing. But as it grows, we need better infrastructure and better planning for the city's growth...before we can add the density," said Hallman. 

No word on when the planning commission will address this topic.

But one thing is for sure, this neighborhood is not backing down.

They have a petition with over 900 signatures to block the development from moving forward until the drainage issue is handled.

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