Ladson neighborhood being used as cut through, residents worried someone will be killed

VIDEO: Ladson neighborhood being used as cut through, residents worried someone will be killed

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Residents in a Ladson neighborhood say they are tired of drivers using the subdivision as a cut through and fear someone will be killed.

For about a year, they've been trying to get help to stop cars from speeding down Pinewood Drive in Ridgewood Estates.

"And here comes one now. Hi, slow down, thank you. That wasn't 30," resident Beth Stone said.

The speed limit in the neighborhood is 30 miles per hour.

But Stone and her neighbors say most drivers ignore it, and use the street as a cut through to Highway 78 and Ladson Road.

"We can't enjoy our home, we can't cross the street to get our mail without worrying about somebody sideswiping us, cussing us out," resident Glenda Bumgarner said.

They've asked Charleston County to install speed humps, but say county officials said the neighborhood doesn't qualify because there is not an "unreasonable" amount of traffic coming through.

The residents also asked SCDOT for all-way stop signs. They were turned down because officials said there haven't been enough accidents in the neighborhood.

"What do we have to do to qualify? Does somebody else have to be killed? Do we have to have more accidents? What's the criteria for traffic calming measures?" Stone said.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office says it tries to patrol for speeders in the neighborhood.

However, during rush hours, they get calls all over the county.

Captain Jim Woods sent an e-mail to one resident saying if he could install speed humps himself, he would.

If I had at home in the garage somewhere and I could go out there and put them on their streets to try to help them out and satisfy and make them happy, I would," Woods said.

Instead the residents have started a petition drive, hoping someone will finally listen.

"Been here since I was six years old, moved back here now. I want to stay," Bumgarner said.

She plans to take that petition soon to Charleston County Council, hoping to get something done.

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