James Island town leaders to hold Folly Road public hearing

VIDEO: James Island town leaders to hold Folly Road public hearing

James Island Town Council holds a public hearing Thursday night to give residents the chance to speak out on Folly Road's future.

The meeting which was set for 7 p.m. at the James Island Town Hall, will focus on the "Rethink Folly Road" study, whose purpose was "to identify and explore the potential to transform the Folly Road Corridor into a more sustainable multimodal corridor," according to a release from the Town of James Island.

The brainstorming for this project started almost a year ago and a plan was drafted in October. The two main proposals were connecting existing sidewalks and building bike lanes.

Other goals are to beautify to road, calm traffic by reducing the speed limit, and improve the wastewater runoff, all designed to make Folly Road a complete street. That means a street that can better accommodate cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation.

People who travel on Folly Road say they are frustrated and tired of just tolerating the traffic.  They have safety concerns and want to see change on the heavily traveled road.  Some of the concerns include potholes, incomplete sidewalks and covered up bike lanes.

The study was completed with the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments, the Cities of Charleston and Folly Beach, the Town of James Island, Charleston County, CARTA and the SCDOT.

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