Charleston police offer tips for safer holiday shopping

VIDEO: Charleston police offer tips for safer holiday shopping

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Holiday shopping safety starts before you head out of your home, Charleston police say.

Charleston Crime Prevention officers say clearing out your wallet and purses, only leaving the essentials behind, means less damage is done if thieves take your possessions.

Officers say you're a target once you walk into a store. To avoid becoming a larger target, they say you should never carry a surplus of bags. They advise you to carry one bag at a time, return to your car, move the car and shop some more. If you do that it'll be harder for crooks to keep up with you.

Once you hit the parking lot, have your keys out and ready to go all you have to do is put everything in your backseat or trunk, for a quick drive away.

Once you get home, empty your car out as soon as possible. Make sure to close the trunk in between trips and lock the doors.

Always report suspicious activity to police.
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