City of Charleston prepares for rising sea level with strategy

City of Charleston prepares for rising sea level with strategy

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston warns that the city could experience an exponentially larger number of tidal flooding days in the next 30 years, according to its newly released Sea Level Rise Strategy.

The city released the 20-page strategy report, which details almost 80 initiatives the city reports are necessary to ensure Charleston's ability to withstand the rising sea level.

Some of the goals include creating of a City of Charleston website or mobile app to help facilitate disaster planning, raising the elevation of primary streets that are impacted by sea level rise, and retrofitting public housing units in flood-prone areas.

"The initiatives were developed to ensure that we anticipate and put into place actions to reinvest, to be ready and to respond rapidly to the challenges of sea level rise," Riley said."Many of the initiatives are already underway and will be accomplished within the next two years. Others need to be evaluated and prioritized over the coming years and funded over the coming decades. I appreciate the work of this task force and am confident that this strategy will enable the city to prepare for sea level rise."

According to the report, Charleston experienced 11 days of tidal flooding in 2014.

That figure jumps to 180 predicted days of tidal flooding in 2040.

The study also outlines the Spring/Fishburne Drainage Improvements Project – the city's largest to date.

The third phase of the project is expected to begin in February.

It is comprised of a system of 12-foot-diameter tunnels to be constructed about 140 feet below the Crosstown.

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