Survey lists top destinations, stressors for holiday travel

Survey lists top destinations, stressors for holiday travel

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Be prepared for plenty of company as you hit the roads or take to the skies this holiday.

A TripAdvisor survey shows this week will be one of the busiest for travel this year. Some 2,250 people responded to the survey. Results show 56 percent plan to drive, and 39 percent plan to fly to their destinations.

The numbers break down this way:

  • 55% are traveling to see family
  • 29% always travel for the December holidays
  • 18% have more time off work this year to travel
  • 16% plan to see friends
  • 8% are traveling because gasoline prices are lower this December

TripAdvisor found 83 percent are traveling domestically. For those looking to take in the sights, the top destinations in the U.S are:

  1. Rockefeller Center in New York City, New York
  2. The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois
  3. San Antonio River Walk in San Antonio, Texas

Whether traveling by train, plane or automobile, people are bracing themselves for the headaches that come along with holiday travel.  Respondents told TripAdvisor these are the main reasons for stressful traveling.

  1. Inclement weather
  2. Airline delays and cancellations
  3. Bad traffic
  4. Crazy drivers
  5. Overcrowded airports

But many people have found productive ways to manage the stress, and make holiday travel more pleasant. The top five include:

  1. Traveling during off-peak hours
  2. Loading their smart phone or tablet with favorite music, games, or movies
  3. Paying for accommodations rather than staying with family/friends
  4. Exercising frequently
  5. Traveling shorter distances than usual

Millions will be traveling this holiday season, so please be careful getting to your destination. 
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