Cops: Thief's attempt to steal packages thwarted by gun toting homeowner

Cops: Thief's attempt to steal packages thwarted by gun toting homeowner
Singleton. (Source: BCSO)
Singleton. (Source: BCSO)

SUMMERVILLE, SC - Investigators say a 38-year-old man's attempt to steal Christmas packages from a house in Cane Bay was thwarted by the homeowner who held the would-be thief at gunpoint.

The 28-year-old victim, who does not want to be identified, held the alleged thief, 38-year-old William Singleton, at gun point until Berkeley County deputies arrived at the scene.

On Tuesday afternoon, deputies responded to a home on Swiftwater Way for an attempted larceny.

When deputies arrived they found Singleton and detained him.

The victim told authorities it all started when he was waiting for a cable technician to arrive to fix his service.

"He was supposed to show up between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. So I got home early and was sitting in my chair in the dining room looking out the window," the victim said.

While the victim was waiting, a FedEx truck came by and dropped off a package for him. The victim said he was playing a game at the time and told himself that he would pick the parcel up from his front porch when the cable man arrived at his house.

Authorities say the cable technician, later identified as Singleton, arrived at the victim's home several minutes later.

"He pulled up, got out and he walked towards my front door and he saw my package sitting at the front door," the victim said."So he turned around and walked back."

The victim said he was shocked and wondering what Singleton was doing.

According to investigators, Singleton retrieved a white box from his work van, walked back to the home and placed the victim's package into his box.

"I immediately unholstered my weapon, ran outside and confronted him," the victim said."I held him at gunpoint and told him to drop the box."

The victim said Singleton appeared shocked at first, and then attempted to come towards him with the victim pointing the gun at him. According to the victim, Singleton also tried to give him excuses saying he was going to hold the package for him since he didn't want anyone to steal the parcel.

"I told him we'll let the police decide," the victim said.

When authorities arrived they took the victim and Singleton's statement, and asked the victim if Singleton was trying to be a good person to hold the package for him.

"In the back of my mind, I was thinking well maybe he was," the victim said."Maybe I overreacted. Maybe he was trying to do a good thing. But, once they confirmed that he had additional stolen packages then that whole thought went away."

Deputies say they observed two parcels in Singleton's work van which they determined to be stolen from a home on Essex Drive.

"It's very important to look out for your neighbors and always be aware because just from this incident it goes to show you you never know who it is," the victim said.

According to the victim, he's been receiving a lot of thank yous from his neighbors

"We've had a lot of crimes recently," the victim said."Just last week someone's house got broken into and everything was stolen."

The victim said he and his neighbors are hoping this incident will cause would-be thieves to think twice before they try to commit a crime.

As for his cable service which Singleton was supposed to repair, the victim said,"Someone came this morning at 8 a.m. and they actually fixed my cable."

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