Officers say drivers are breaking the move over law, and many don't know it

Officers say drivers are breaking the move over law, and many don't know it

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Many people describe the holidays as "merry and bright."

But, some traveling on the roads this holiday season have a different choice of words.

"It's awful," said Dave Schlicksup, traveling from Illinois to Charleston. "It's like NASCAR out there. People going at high speeds and changing lanes without a whole lot of warning."

Lance Corporal Hannah Wimberly, with South Carolina Highway Patrol, says motorists don't always obey traffic laws during the holidays. In fact, she said, there's one law many are breaking and they don't even know it.

"The move over law," said Wimberly. "If there is an emergency vehicle on the side of the roadway, whether it be law enforcement, EMS, fire department, tow truck, you are supposed to reduce your speed to reasonable speed. And, if you're available to get over, you get over."

If don't move over, or slow-down, you could face a steep fine.

"It could be up to $500," said Wimberly.

The citations are given because law enforcement wants to avoid an outcome much worse.

"Most law enforcement officers aren't killed just by gun fire or other things, they're also getting run over out here on the side of the roads," said Wimberly. "So, that's why it's so important to have this law so maybe lives can be saved."

It's a violation Schlicksup has seen multiple times on his two-day, 900 mile trip from Illinois. And, something he witnessed earlier Wednesday afternoon, driving through Spartanburg.

"Nobody was pulling over!" said Schlickup. "I think people are just clueless."

Wimberly says, remember switching lanes could save lives.

"We're so close to the roadway," said Wimberly. "If you go over the slightest bit due to speed, then our lives are at danger."

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