Summerville family heartbroken after thieves steal children's Christmas gifts

Summerville family heartbroken after thieves steal children's Christmas gifts

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Chris Walden can't even fight back tears knowing his three sons' Christmas presents are gone.

"Like stealing two days before Christmas? Some people just don't have a heart. It's hard to teach your kids that," Walden said. "Just the fact that they're going to be disappointed. Ain't nothing like having your kids look up to you and be disappointed."

Walden says early Wednesday morning, while the family was sleeping in their home on Wild Goose Trail in Summerville, thieves cut the locks on the fence, walked into the backyard, opened the trailer and took the family's four new dirt bikes.

The family says because of a thunderstorm, they didn't hear a thing.

"I just thought they were joking with me. When I came out here, I just started crying," Ryder Walden, 7, said. "I just didn't know what to think."

Chris Walden says it probably took a team of thieves ten minutes tops to grab the gifts, which he thought were safe and secure in the backyard.

The night before Christmas, and the search is still on for the missing dirt bikes and the thieves.

"We had no idea who did this," Walden said.

Walden says the missing dirt bikes are worth well over $6,000, but he doesn't care about the cash.

"I just want my kids' stuff back," Walden said.

The family is offering a $3,000 cash reward on the return of the bikes.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

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