SLED to perform testing on evidence in Walter Scott shooting case

SLED to perform testing on evidence in Walter Scott shooting case
Walter Scott. Source: Facebook
Walter Scott. Source: Facebook

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Attorneys for Michael Slager have reached an agreement on the testing of some evidence in the Walter Scott shooting case.

A newly released consent order will allow SLED to do visual inspections of Slager's uniform for stains, cuts, defects and foreign material.

The inspections are ordered to be performed no later than Jan. 8, 2016.

The order states there would be no retrieval of biological trace evidence without approval from Slager's attorneys and prosecutors.

Slager's attorneys say they will also notify prosecutors of additional items they want preserved for independent testing.

Those items include:

  1. Swabs from a taser
  2. Swabs from pants
  3. Swabs from a shirt
  4. All material used or produced in the collection of gunshot residue evidence.

A hearing on the request from Slager's attorneys for a speedy trial is scheduled for Monday.

According to court documents, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson defended her reasoning for why Slager's upcoming trial should be held in the Fall, instead of in March or April as Slager's attorneys had requested.

Wilson wrote that the state wants the trial held in November, and that its both reasonable and necessary to do it at that time because she is also trying the case against suspected Emanuel AME shooter Dylann Roof in July.

Slager is accused of murder in the shooting of Walter Scott in April.

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