Kids of all ages enjoy Happy New Year Charleston

Kids of all ages enjoy Happy New Year Charleston

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A family-fun celebration in Downtown Charleston brought in kids of all ages on New Year's Eve. 
"Happy New Year Charleston" was a free event, at Marion Square, with activity options galore.

Some got masks painted on their faces. Others held on tight while riding the bull.

For 5-year-old JJ Cox, the jump castle stole the show.

"Because I could do a belly flop and a back flop," said JJ.

From movies, to performers on stilts, to hula hooping, the options were endless.

"I'm having fun because there's a lot of things to do and I like the funnel cakes," said 9-year-old Cooper Nordoff.

"I like how this is a big open space that we can run around in and go on lots of rides and get balloons," said Cooper's sister, 7-year-old Suzanna Nordoff.

The dance and drum team called Deninufay performed interactive routines, inviting the audience to join-in and dance. 
For kids, the evening was a dream come true.

Parents said it was answered prayer.

"It's nice to get out and not have to fight crowds and deal with events that are more geared toward adults," said Cy Nordoff.

"Just the family part of it, because you know, you can bring the kids because that's really important to have a place that the kids can come on a night like this," said Deb Cantrell.

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