NYE fireworks lead to rise in runaway pets

VIDEO: NYE fireworks lead to rise in runaway pets

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - On this New Year's Day, many pet owners are searching for their animals after festivities to ring in 2016. For many dogs, their first instinct is to run away when they hear the loud sound of fireworks.

"A lot of those pets who run away, they get hit by a car, they get caught in fences they get in fights with other animals," says Dr. Ann Marcario.

Dr. Marcario is with the Veterinary Specialty Care in Mt. Pleasant. She says there's medication that can help if taken before the loud activities begin. You can get it from your veterinarian.

"There are a lot of anti-anxiolytics that are safe for dogs that are really good in situations like this," she says.  "There are other things that aren't medication like thundershirts that are great for dogs, they work on the acupressure points to keep them calm."

Calls for lost pets go up and lost and found pet sites become more active around holidays and activities involving fireworks. The Lost and Found Pets of Charleston administrators say its posts nearly doubled this New Year's Eve.

"Dogs have such a different hearing scope than we do that there are a lot more sensitive to the noises and they're frightening," says Dr. Marcario.

There are some tips for a safe return. First, make sure your pets have a microchip and the information is updated. It can cost less than $20 for the chip.

"You get kind of nationwide exposure if your pet is missing and we also as providers have the ability to call and get your information to contact you to say 'hey we have your pet.'"

Also, have pictures of your pets from multiple angles to share, post your missing pets on social media, and check your local shelters.

For most of the lost and found pages if you post on one page it's likely that the administrators will share it to other local pages. The people behind these sites work to help find your pets. There's times when a lost dog is posted on one page while it's already posted as found on another.

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