#76 Clemson football player has local ties, family heading to championship game

VIDEO: #76 Clemson football player has local ties, family heading to championship game

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - We're getting closer to the big game day where Clemson will take on Alabama in the 2016 College National Championship next Monday. Some of those players are from right here in the Lowcountry including Clemson long snapper, Jim Brown from Walterboro.

"I was kind of tearing up like I always do and I was thinking aw our little son from Walterboro is going to be in the national championship game," says mother of Jim, Grace Ann Brown.

Jim's parents say their ties to the school go way back.

"My brother went there, I went there, I met her [my wife], there, her dad is a really big Clemson fan," says Jim's father, Carl Brown.

Now their son, a Pinewood Preparatory School alum is vying for the national title.

"Some of us got fatheads you know the big cutouts of our sons and they were really funny," says Grace Ann.

It's a title Clemson last earned in 1981. Carl was there to see it, never thinking he would see his son in a uniform.

"The last thing I was thinking about was children, but it was awesome, it was in the old stadium," says Carl.

"I flew to Miami at the end of October and we blew them out like 58 to 0 and then I knew it was going to be a pretty special year after that," says Jim's sister, Mary Hunter.

She's a Junior at Clemson.

"Pretty much 85 percent of my closet is orange purple or both," says Mary Hunter.

Jim also has an 11-year-old brother, West.

"Most of my friends are Carolina fans and they just kind of all argue about how Clemson is bad and terrible and they're number one in the country," says West.

He's now knows the players quite well.

"I get to go in the locker room with them and go out on the field with Jim ," says West. "They come here sometimes and spend the night and they go hunting with me and Jim."

The Brown family is all about Tiger game days.

"We've been to all the home games since he's started and this is his fifth year," says Grace Ann. "We've been to plenty of the away games of course since he has been a starter and has been playing this year we haven't missed any."

"It's pretty cool to sit in the stadium and see my brother play," says Mary Hunter.

Planning for the Championship game in Arizona has been no easy task for fans or the Browns, but they're ready for the big day.

"I'm so over the moon about the whole thing it's great," says Grace Ann.

If you are still trying to make up your mind about whether or not to go to the game you don't have much longer to decide. The closer we get to game day the more you're going to have to pay, Some tickets are going as high as $7,500.

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