Meeting scheduled to discuss updates for Hutchinson Square Park

Meeting scheduled to discuss updates for Hutchinson Square Park

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Plans to make a historic area in Summerville more safe and comfortable will be discussed Wednesday.

Important updates for Hutchinson Square Park, right across from Town Hall, will be presented at a Town of Summerville Parks and Recreation Department meeting.

The holiday season brought thousands of lights to Hutchinson Square, but now that those lights are gone, residents are concerned about how dark it's getting at night.

Wednesday's presentation on phase one is all about tackling accessibility and infrastructure issues: the lights and light panels, along with sidewalks.

There are currently three street lights in the square, but after phase one, the parks and recreation department hopes there will be thirteen, giving more light to patrons passing through.

Officials say what's planned for phase one will cost $200,000.

Future plans for phase two through four will include a covered pavilion, removing tree roots and gravel and just making it all around more comfortable.

If phase one is approved by Parks and Recreation Committee, crews will begin work as early as next month.

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