Berkeley Co. seeks replacement after Cabela's cancels plans for new store

Berkeley Co. seeks replacement after Cabela's cancels plans for new store

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Officials in Berkeley County are seeking out a new store for the Nexton development in Summerville after news that Cabela's will not build there.

The sporting goods chain was under contract to build an 82,000 square foot store on land between Exit 199 and the Sheep Island interchange.

The store was scheduled to open later this year.

However, Berkeley County officials were notified right after Christmas that Cabela's had changed its mind.

No reason was given.

"We're certainly like everyone disappointed to hear the news that Cabela's will not be coming," Berkeley County Economic Development Director Barry Jurs said.

Cabela's intended to hire 170 people to work at the store in Nexton. They are jobs that now will not be coming.

But Jurs isn't overly concerned.

"It's not much of a blow to the county's economy. It's more of just we're always disappointed to lose a good business like that."

Lots of folks went on the Live 5 Facebook page to sound off about Cabela's. The reaction was mixed.

One person wrote, "This blows. The Cabela's next to Carowinds is boss among outdoor stores in the Carolina's."

Another wrote "Nooo, would so love a Cabela's here in Summerville."

But one opponent wrote, "Good, we don't need the extra traffic in our area anyway."

Jurs is confident another major chain will soon put a store where Cabela's was supposed to be.

"We're a large growing area and we believe that they would have had a great business, but we'll see what the future holds. All things are set in stone."

Jurs says Berkeley county did not offer any financial incentives to Cabela's to build here.

We wanted to ask Cabela's if that had anything to do with their decision but no one has returned our calls.

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