City celebrates Mayor Tecklenburg with inaugural events

VIDEO: Celebration continues on Tecklenburg's first day as mayor

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - It was a historic day in Charleston with a full day of inaugural events as the city celebrated Charleston's new mayor, John Tecklenburg. He was sworn in Monday afternoon on the steps of City Hall, becoming the first new mayor in Charleston in four decades.

Community supporters gathered for a festive celebration including an inaugural concert in the Gaillard Center Performance Hall and then a reception in the Grand Ballroom with more live performances. Hundreds of people were there to personally congratulate Mayor Tecklenburg.

"Everybody that I talked to say, 'oh it's just history in the making, I wouldn't miss it,'" says Winkie Welborn.

It's a transition of office Charleston hasn't seen in 40 years.

"I don't even hardly remember having a reception for the mayor, it's just exciting and that's why we came," says Welborn.

The Gailliard Grand Ballroom kept filling up to celebrate our new mayor, John Tecklenburg.

"To come back to a place and see such history in the making, is a wonderful place to be at this time and I'm glad to be a part of it," says Adrianne Holt.

"It was amazing his mother was their at the swearing in and John is very musical he knows how to let loose and have a good time," says Clyde Burris.

The dance floor was full as a local band, 17 South Band, played some people's favorite hits. They were all there for one reason.

"Just to kick off a new administration and wish him well the next four or eight years, whatever it may be," says Paul Welborn.

"Even in the midst of running the campaign, he wanted to know about the future citizens and the present citizens and to make sure we were welcomed in Charleston and that means a lot," says Sabrina Marshall.

People were saying it's a night they'll never forget and many made sure to get plenty of pictures to look back on.

"It's the most historic event that I've been able to witness in my life personally," says Holt.

Tickets to the general reception were $25 and the event was open to the public.

Mayor Tecklenburg will be back to business tomorrow as he presides over his first council meeting.

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